Exceeding the Vision

Join us in-person at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego, CA, on March 6-8, 2024 for General Sessions that focus on Pharmacotherapeutics; Professional Development/Research; Surgical/Cutaneous Oncology; Medical/Pediatric; and Aesthetics topics. Also offered in-person is our Nurse Practitioner Forum on March 7-8, 2024 which provides up-to-date topics to meet the needs of the advanced dermatology practitioner. There are also three core curriculum workshops offered in-person only on March 9, 2024. We hope you will join us as we help change you and your future!

Learning Outcome, Goals & Objectives

At the end of this three-day convention, learners will demonstrate understanding of the objectives of each attended session by receiving a passing score of 70% or higher on each post-test, and complete session and convention overall learning evaluations.
• Meet educational needs through dermatologic educational programs
• Provides networking and professional opportunities
• Promote interest in dermatology-related fields, including safety, ethics, research, clinical testing, and much more to advance dermatologic care.